E2 Piconizer.

** Last updated - 01/03/2023 **


If plugin doesn't seem to be installing try the telnet/putty command

opkg update

E2 Piconizer will allow the downloading of picons direct from sky for 28.2e in all popular picons sizes ranging from 50x30 pixels to 400x240 pixels.

E2 Piconizer also allows a suite of graphic effects you can apply to the picon set including, backgrounds, reflection, glass effects, padding, offset, rounding corners.

Download full sets or just the individual picons you are missing.

Use the list of external sources or local sources for your picons.

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How to install

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How to use

Select the source of your picon set, whether that be external or local. Local source graphics need to be put in the folder
(I have provided some files in this folder from previous picon sets I have created that are missing or differ from the original external source.)

Select the location of where you want to download the picons to.
The default location is

You can set this download location to go directly to your picon folder. But I recommend downloading to a different location first and using e-channelizer to correctly assign picons.

Style your picon how you like your picon set to appear.

Use the test picons selection to get an idea of how they will look.

Click Green button to take you to the Picon selection page.

Select the picons you wish to download by checking the boxes.

Click green to start downloading picons.

If you have downloaded picons to a location other than your picon folder either correctly assign them with e-channelizer, or just manually copy them all over to your picon folder and reboot your GUI.


Can I use my own picon source graphics.

Yes. Place your source files in etc/enigma2/E2Piconizer/local_source

Can I use my own custom background graphics.

Yes. I have already included in the plugin some popular and historical background styles.

If you would like to use your own, place your background graphic files in etc/enigma2/E2Piconizer/backgrounds

Make sure they are the correct apect ratio for the picon size you are creating.

Can I use my own glass/sheen effects.

Yes. Place your transparent glass/sheen png in etc/enigma2/E2Piconizer/glass

Can I download picons from EPG sources not in the plugin.

Not at the moment. There is a limited number of sources available. This might be expanded in the future.

If there is a particular EPG that you would like me to see if I can source graphics from. Just let me know and I will investigate.

Some Picon sources are small. Can I download them bigger.

No. I am downloading picons at the largest size available from that source.

The majority of these will work fine a 220x132 pixels size and below, but may not be suitable for 400 x 240 picons.

You can always manually source larger picons and place them in the local_source folder.

Can I just download the newest picons.

Yes. On selecting your picons to download, you can sort the picon list by A-Z, Z-A or date, which is the last time the graphic was modified on their servers. This will show the newer picons.

My newly created picons are not appearing.
Firstly try rebooting your GUI.
Sky sources and maybe Virgin sources should name the picon correctly and should appear fine.
Other Horizon sources might not have the correct filename. Again use e-channelizer to correctly assign and reupload the picons.

Your plugin crashed my box.
This is an early beta release. There will be errors.
Send my your crashlog that lives here. home/root/logs/

Why is the download so large.
I have provided a sample set of local source picons. These can be deleted if they are not required.
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