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[Plugin] E2m3u2bouquet

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  • [Plugin] E2m3u2bouquet

    Version 1.0.95

    1) Fixed initialization of template file ***-sort-override (in its very first creation from scratch)
    2) Fixed import of EPG events and picons for ***-sort-override users in 'All-in-one' mode for 'New broadcasts'
    3) Reorganized bouquet refresh mode. Now the refresh occurs after the generation of bouquets for each of the providers, and not once for all as in previous versions
    4) Added handling of HTTP errors 520, 526, etc. arising from providers working through CloudFlare
    5) Completely eliminated the ability to start importing playlists until all previous tasks have been completed
    6) Fixed crash on DreamOS-based images Merlin, Gemini, etc. due to the impossibility of saving settings when reloading (rebooting) the image
    7) Small changes in the log output

    thanks Dorik 1972​
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    1) Crash fix for ****Archive plugin users who used a combination of "Multibouquets" and "All-in-one" at the same time enabled in the provider card

    thanks Dorik1972​
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      UPDATE :1.0.96

      1) Minor code fixes for Python2-based images when parsing Unicode characters in m3u playlists
      2) Simplification and slight code optimization when forming and processing bouquets or sort&diff-override files
      3) Redesigned installation scripts in ipk/deb packages
      4) Added support for images based on Python 3.8 (OpenSPA 8.1, OpenATV 6.5, etc.)​
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