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Sospensione supporto per tutti i modelli zgemma!!!!!!

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  • Sospensione supporto per tutti i modelli zgemma!!!!!!

    Per il momento il supporto ? sospeso fino a quando non saranno chiariti i problemi con la casa madre...
    Ci scusiamo con l utenza Per la decisione presa, ma purtroppo non dipende da noi...
    Come sempre cordiali saluti...

    For the moment the support is suspended until the problems with the parent company are clarified ...
    We apologize to the user for the decision taken, but unfortunately it does not depend on us ...
    As always, best regards ...

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    Official openDroid communication!

    The whole openDroid team announces that as previously mentioned, from today it is official, we have closed support for zgemma receivers, we do not want it, the decision was taken because lately there has been little communication from the COMPANY mother!
    As you know we are a group of simple hobbyists who enjoy themselves, without any GAIN! therefore we need support from both sides! if this fails, we prefer to stop the game! we also announce that as a substitute for the zgemma, opendroid-Team has evaluated the entry and supoport of hitube4k receivers, believing they are excellent boxes that have nothing to envy of zgemma receivers! but with a significantly lower sales cost! soon we will review the product that we consider to be EXCELLENT!

    If there ever should be new support we will write it in this post regards openDroid-Team


    Sto operando...