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dreamboxEDIT Aggiornato

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  • dreamboxEDIT Aggiornato


    - fixed picon upload
    - added support for streaming services (non TS based IPTV/Radio services) in userbouquets
    - added menu for adding/editing of streaming services
    - added video streaming support for all box types
    - added new filter options for only new and only locked services
    - added option to re-enable the old style path selection dialog
    - added configurable local picons path per profile, if no path is defined the global local picon path is used
    - added deletion of temporary picon.zip after picon upload
    - added new skins: Deep, iOS dark, MacOS2, Mint, NextAlpha, Subway, Toxic, Windows 8, WMP 2008, Zest
    - added fix for the missing context menu in edit boxes
    - added new hints (no more flickering)
    - re-enabled the export of cable services/bouquets in Excel readable format
    Note: re-import of cable services/bouquets is not possible, all cable services will be skipped on re-import
    - fixed path selection dialog translation
    - fixed timeout issue with enabled active service/volume control/signal strength display
    - fixed error message while creating bouquet for one satellite
    - fixed error when sorting cable and terrestrial services in the compare window
    - some minor fixes

    Download: dreamboxEDIT_5.1.0.1.zip

    «Mi farebbe piacere cambiare il mondo, ma non mi daranno il suo codice sorgente.»

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    RE: dreamboxEDIT Aggiornato

    dreamboxEDIT - fixed error message in empty bouquet area when opening the context menu - some language file updates

    Thx dhwz


    «Mi farebbe piacere cambiare il mondo, ma non mi daranno il suo codice sorgente.»


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      Source Code

      1. Changelog:
      3. - added eServiceUri support
      4. - added autoscrolling on moving profiles
      5. - added moving multiple profiles at once
      6. - added switch on/off service type indicators without restart
      7. - added scaling factor 200%
      8. - improved write all linebreaks as Unix(LF) not Windows(CRLF)
      9. - improved MIS/PLS handling
      10. - improved error messages
      11. - fixed initial default pathes
      12. - fixed issues with path selection dialog
      13. - fixed some uncommon bug when writing markers (introduced by last update)
      14. - fixed assign and remove of picons in main service list
      15. - fixed OpenSSL libraries (x64 files were missing)
      16. - fixed not properly working function "Mark services not in Userbouquets with flag X"
      17. - fixed error on export of bouquets/services
      18. - fixed skipping of some completely invalid formed bouquet entries of some IPTV providers
      19. - fixed satellites.xml editor (transponders weren't deleteable if confirmation questions were disabled)
      20. - fixed website links
      21. - some GUI improvements
      22. - OpenSSL security updates
      23. - language file updates

      File allegati


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        Update 28/02/2018
        - added sorted list for delete satellite option in context menu
        - added volume up to 200% for streaming player
        - improved stripping of ANSI escape sequences from telnet prompt
        - improved parsing of marker entries
        - fixed reading bouquets file with invalid entries
        - fixed non-working update check
        - OpenSSL security updates
        Thx @ dhwz
        File allegati

        «Mi farebbe piacere cambiare il mondo, ma non mi daranno il suo codice sorgente.»


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          dreamboxEDIT macOS Beta

          Diese Beta Version für MacOS wurde mit der Stable Version 1.8 von Wine erstellt.
          Download ( Beta MacOS X)

          Thx dhwz & E2WORLD

          «Mi farebbe piacere cambiare il mondo, ma non mi daranno il suo codice sorgente.»



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